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In my own work, in booth live event production, and general purpose audio engineering/recording I am increasingly required to provide either a live feed for streaming, or a recorded file for later upload to stream on demand. Sometimes this is an audio only stream, often part of a video stream. Unfortunately the people providing the stream or maintaining the website for uploads are often not aware of the finer points of the process. Ideally, we could just provide an AES/EBU feed from the house console, or even an analog feed for a live stream. Or, a recorded .wav file and leave it for someone else to deal with getting it out to the world. As a practical matter, if someone else screws up the stream, the powers that be will look to the source to complain. The following link is targeted at radio world, but all of the issues regarding streaming, CODECs etc are relevant for the rest of us too. It’s worth brushing up on and developing your own strategy.
How to Process Audio for Streaming, Properly

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Dec 302015

may seem like a long time to some. But, it’s really just a drop in the ocean of history. Yet that’s just how long this business we’re in has existed. 100 years since the very first use of electrical sound reinforcement gave us the name “Magnavox”.


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Apr 172014
This was originally a filmstrip, probably shown in middle schools. Those familiar “beeps”, indicating when to advance the projector, have been removed. The kid who got to run the projector in class, undoubtedly wanted to be the guy in the filmstrip. Ask me how I know.

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Oct 112013

Well, I’m long over due for an update here at FrugalAudio.com.  Rest assured, I’ve been busy working and remain eager to accept the challenge of working on your event!

The past year has included dozens of shows at my local venue gig.  Including shows with Joan Osborne (always fantastic), Huey Lewis, Aretha Franklin, Josh Turner,  Bobby Vinton, and many, many more.  In addition to my regular efforts as FOH or Monitor engineer, I’ve been doing increasing amounts of lighting and video. Refreshing my skills as video engineer/projectionist/shader/and occasional director as well as becoming literate, if not savy, on the Grand MA in lighting land.

This summer included a return to the mainstage at Kingdom Bound, along with a few other shows from my friends at Audio Images. And of course, my long time friends at Zeo Brothers continue to bring me in for annual events with COGIC.  There have also been additional corporate AV gigs, design consultations etc. Even a service call or two at my High School  Alma Mater.  I remain ever grateful for all the work with all my clients old and new.  Please don’t hesitate to call if I can be of any help!

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Aug 312012

Remember when everyone switched to digital consoles?  You won’t need to carry those racks of gear anymore.  No more outboard eq, comps, gates, effects etc.  Less truck space equals fuel savings and less money for trucking.  Fewer seats taken up means more money for the promoter.  Everyone wins!

Uh, yeah.  Maybe not so much.  Even now that I’m often on shows with the best digital consoles in the world, guest engineers are still carrying outboard gear.  Hardware preamps, compressors, effects.  Sometimes a laptop full of plugins and an analog i/o interface.  And now it seems that the Waves Live package is gaining ground.  With platform specific and generic interface options, Waves Live can provide a plethora of plugins for your digital console.  But, what do you need to make it work?  A Sound Grid Server, Host computer, Interface cards for your console or a generic i/o, plus all the relevant software and plugins.  So here we are once more, buying more gear to add to our supposedly self contained consoles.

Truly, everything old is new again.

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Mar 112012

Frugal Audio clients, The EDU Edge LLC, have released their book and audio book The Insider’s Guide to the Teacher Interview.  The audio book was recorded and edited by yours truly.  And the whole project has been a long effort for Mike & Bill of EDU Edge.

Please check it out and be sure to recommend it any young teachers you know who are facing the interview process.

You can find purchase options for the audio book and print materials on their site or you can get directly to the audio book on CD Baby.

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Feb 012012

I appreciate that not everyone will dig her music, but Julia Nunes is the best example I’ve seen of how the new music industry can work. No major label, no management company. Millions of hits on Youtube, opening spots on national tours, Bonaroo etc. Two inexpensively produced albums that I’ll bet paid for a big chunk of her college tuition, and now, her third, Kickstarter Funded album. Julia set out to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter. The final number was $77,888!
It can be done. It’s about how hard you work, how good the music is, and developing a really strong fan base.

View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.

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