Oct 112013

Well, I’m long over due for an update here at FrugalAudio.com.  Rest assured, I’ve been busy working and remain eager to accept the challenge of working on your event!

The past year has included dozens of shows at my local venue gig.  Including shows with Joan Osborne (always fantastic), Huey Lewis, Aretha Franklin, Josh Turner,  Bobby Vinton, and many, many more.  In addition to my regular efforts as FOH or Monitor engineer, I’ve been doing increasing amounts of lighting and video. Refreshing my skills as video engineer/projectionist/shader/and occasional director as well as becoming literate, if not savy, on the Grand MA in lighting land.

This summer included a return to the mainstage at Kingdom Bound, along with a few other shows from my friends at Audio Images. And of course, my long time friends at Zeo Brothers continue to bring me in for annual events with COGIC.  There have also been additional corporate AV gigs, design consultations etc. Even a service call or two at my High School  Alma Mater.  I remain ever grateful for all the work with all my clients old and new.  Please don’t hesitate to call if I can be of any help!

 October 11, 2013  Posted by at 5:12 pm