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In my own work, in booth live event production, and general purpose audio engineering/recording I am increasingly required to provide either a live feed for streaming, or a recorded file for later upload to stream on demand. Sometimes this is an audio only stream, often part of a video stream. Unfortunately the people providing the stream or maintaining the website for uploads are often not aware of the finer points of the process. Ideally, we could just provide an AES/EBU feed from the house console, or even an analog feed for a live stream. Or, a recorded .wav file and leave it for someone else to deal with getting it out to the world. As a practical matter, if someone else screws up the stream, the powers that be will look to the source to complain. The following link is targeted at radio world, but all of the issues regarding streaming, CODECs etc are relevant for the rest of us too. It’s worth brushing up on and developing your own strategy.
How to Process Audio for Streaming, Properly

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