Mar 302006

Well I’m not out on tour right now, but I’m in a hotel and when I’m in a hotel I blog. Actually I’m in Virginia for my sister’s wedding. Everyone say a prayer for Eileen & Rob. 🙂
I leave for Arkansas April 22nd. The next tour leg will begin with a day of gear maintenance and rehearsal in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Special thanks in advance to Pastor David Hall and the Elizabethtown Brethren church for putting up with us for an extra day. I’m going to have the great blessing of having an assistant on this next leg. We’ve hired a young man named Stephen Bowman to back me up in all things technical. You can find out more about stephen by looking here. Now ladies, I know he’s a studly looking fellow…but, remember, I’m single too! We’re expecting another bachelor on the next leg too. He’s not eligible yet though, rumor has it that Tom Booth’s son Anthony will be joining us for a portion of the spring tour leg.
Please check John Michael’s site to see where we’re going to be. We’d love for you to come and check out the concert. I promise you’ll pray & laugh and have a real good time. Leave a comment here or let us know at the concert that you’ve read the blog.
God bless,
John C.

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Mar 042006

Ahhh… It is great to be home! But, it was great to be in other’s homes – places of worship in Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Meeting folks is always great, and seeing different towns, sanctuaries and coffee shops is also cool. St. Augustine is beautiful! We stayed at the Hilton on the bay. This is the very site where Dr. King held protests, was arrested and made international headlines in the civil rights struggle (it was not the Hilton back then).
We were in Augusta, Georgia where one of the most famous golf courses on earth is vigilantly secured (you and I can’t even look at it).
We visited guitar shops in just about every city – Joe Hand purchased two nice instruments for very little (Joe wins the editor’s frugal award for his cost effective but inspiring purchases, JTC), JMT and I found a couple of new stringed friends. John Michael had already COMPOSED a dittie on his new axe before we even got home from the shop, Annie’s Guitars in Savannah, Georgia.
John Martin buys cool things everywhere. He got a new shirt in St Augustine, wore it at the concert with the store owners in attendance. By the way, we think Mr. Gretsch came to our concert in Savannah -THE Mr. Gretsch. He was humble, affirming and liked JMT’s “White Falcon” from his family of guitars. The people who helped us on tour were great – in all three states. I played “I Will Choose Christ”, “Slipping” and “Here I AM” on most nights. I honored Our Lady a couple of times by singing “My Lady”, a song of love and devotion. Go to and listen to audio clips of my new record The Best of Tom Booth. See what you think… or buy a couple!

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Mar 042006

A couple shots from the last concert in Huntsville. In the one of JMT you can just see the “Star Drop” in the background. It’s a real pretty effect created with fiber optics. This venue just happened to have one. Huntsville had a great crew and probably set the record for load out on this trip. To be fair, it was the only venue this leg with a loading dock & conventional stage. If you handicap them for that I think they tied with Augusta. 🙂

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