Sep 052006

The western leg og the JMT & friends tour is well under way. After a couple days of rehearsal at Little Portion we headed out for Arizona. We played well received concerts in Flagstaff, Mesa & Tuscon then headed for Anaheim. In Anaheim we played SCRC in the arena of the convention center. Attendance for that one was about 4500. Two more dates in California followed and now we’ve arrived in Oregon after a lengthy, tiring drive.

This trip has been a bit rough from a production point of view. All I can say is: if you ever decided to sponsor a concert, read the contract carefully, ask questions and be sure to provide everything asked for. We don’t ask for things like loaders & electricity just to be difficult.

At SCRC I got a chance to spend some time with Mike Beloud from Rise. We had a great lunch sharing stuf about music, faith & family. Rise is a terrific Catholic band, check them out if you can.

The band along with our bus driver for this leg, Richard Queen.

The Brothers & Sisters of Charity enjoy a preview concert at Little Portion.

Faith Ims gets a drum lesson from John Martin during a break from rehearsals.

Yours truly & Mike Beloud from Rise
 September 5, 2006  Posted by at 9:45 pm