Feb 042007

Brothers and Sisters,

Peace and Good in Christ!

It is with sadness and hope filled with joy that I share that Bro. Timothy Gerard McMillan B.S.C. passed away early Saturday morning before dawn. He died from natural causes related to his Diabetes.

Brother Tim was born in Vallejo, California on June 6, 1956. After finishing high school, Bro. Tim spent 4 years in the US Air force and was stationed in Spokane, WA. The next three years he worked at various manufacturing jobs and spent the summers working at Yellowstone National Park. The summers at Yellowstone drew his interest in seeking out a profession in the National Resource area. He began a 2-year study program in Natural Resource Management at Spokane Community College. After completion of college, Br. Tim worked for the Soil Conservation Service full time for ten years. Br. Tim enjoyed working with the farming community and stressing the importance of using our soil and water resources wisely.

Bro. Tim came to us on June 27, 1992, and was permanently professed as a celibate monk on November 27, 1997 at Our Lady of the Angels Mission in Nicaragua. During his years on mission he suffered a serious heart attack, and quite literally died. He was finally resuscitated after six minutes by Mark Shepler. Had he died in those days he would still have had much unfinished business in his personal life and vocation. I believe that God gave him these extra years so that he could really be ready to come face to face with Jesus Christ, his Lord. I am confident that he was fully ready to meet his Lord.

Tim lived a tough life, and struggled with various addictions before his conversion to Christ. I will always remember him giving his testimony to the monastic community, and quietly weeping as he spoke of how Jesus literally saved his life. He encouraged us to not get too caught up in the lesser things of life that so often rob us of our peace, joy, and love.

Bro. Tim was a man of few words. When he spoke he let you know what was on his mind. This was used by God many times when he would say just a few words at a community meeting, but would communicate much wisdom.

He was a great teacher, and I always thought that if his health had been better he would have made a great monastic priest. He often taught religion classes for youth. He also took the youth on several field trips, including the sacred pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Denver. They loved Bro. Tim. His quiet and no nonsense way was attractive to those who sought something more real. Prior to joining the Brothers & Sisters of Charity, Bro. Tim was involved in prison ministry at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, WA.

In recent years he also became an avid flintknapper, or a maker of arrowheads and other objects in the fashion of the Native Americans. He used this gift to fashion our community symbol, the heart tau, and crosses of various designs. These were much sought after.

He will be sadly missed. But through our sadness we also see Bro. Tim attaining his hope of glory in Jesus Christ. I am completely confident in his joy with the Lord, and this confirms me in my vocation and walk with Christ here on earth.

I will close by a story of Fr. Bob, our Chaplain. When he heard of Bro. Tim’s and Eli’s passing (Eli is one of our faithful monastery dogs who died the same day that Bro. Tim passed away) he saw Bro. Tim walking up to heaven, and Eli running and barking after him as if to say, “Wait for me.” With our faithful dog Eli, we also say, “Bro. Tim, wait for me,” for he is already experiencing first hand the fullness of what we all seek while sojourning here on earth. If this life on earth is just a twinkling of God’s eye, it will not be long before we are all reunited with Jesus and everyone we love in Eternity.

Bro. Tim, we pray that Jesus will embrace you fully. We will miss you.

In Jesus,
John Michael Talbot
Founder, Spiritual Father, and General Minister
The Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Hermitage

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Feb 032007

Just heard from JMT that Brother Tim McMillan BSC, passed away last night. In all the times I’ve been to Little Portion Brother Tim was always there to lend a hand loading & unloading or just to talk in his quiet way about music. Please pray for him, his family and the community.

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