Mar 192007

Don’t try this at home folks. I’m blogging while exhausted. We flew out to Arizona a few days back so John Michael could appear at a convention of Christian music publishers. It took two very long days of travel to get there and back for one day of conference. Followed that with good concerts yesterday and today, both on pretty tight schedules so I am pooped! Taling a couple days to drive up to Winston-Salem for the next concert. Then down to Atlanta. Have seen some people in these concerts that we met the last time around down here with the band. Made me think of the guys. When I last talked to Joe Hand I let him know that I’m making it back to my hotel by around 10pm each night. When JOe & I were humping gear together it was more like midnight.

Phil Perkins rehearsing the Chamber Group in Sedona

The view in Sedona

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Mar 122007

Resting in Naples today after a short drive from St. Petersburg. Last night’s concert at Blessed Trinity went very well. A big change for the folks at the church who sponsored one of concerts last year during the Monk Rock tour. Special thanks to Mary Lou and all the volunteers who worked so hard to put on another concert in just over a year. Tomorrow we play at St. William here in Naples then JMT, Viola & I fly off to Arizona for a private event. Keep prayin’ for us.

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Mar 032007

Just back from the Vigil Mass at Little Portion where I have just a couple days to repackage all our gear for a solo JMT tour. No truck, no trailer everything has to fit on the bus. We’re heading generally southeast this trip, please check the calendar to see when we’ll be nearby.
I’ll do my best while we’re out to bring you some fresh photos and maybe even a video clip or two.
God bless.

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