Nov 222007

Well, this tour ended well. JMT had serious vocal problems for the last several concerts. But, with much prayer & care he made it through. I flew home Monday from Kansas and have since moved on to visit family out of state for the holiday. I’ll be back to working on my house and doing studio work for the remainder of the year. John Michael and Viola returned home to Little Portion on the bus and I’ve heard from JMT that the food and fellowship for thanksgiving were wonderful as ever. I’m embedding two slideshows below. One is an overview of the whole tour leg. The other, dedicated just to our time on the Navajo reservation in Tohatchi. While we work with many wonderful volunteers and visit terrific new places each trip, Tohatchi will likely be the most memorable for us this trip.

JMT November 2007

Tohatchi November 2007

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Nov 062007

Our concert in Mesa was canceled so we are able to spend some extra time at St. Mary’s mission here on the Navajo reservation. Last night JMT played in the mission church here to a small but enthusiastic crowd. Today we went out with one of the Sisters here to bring communion some of the elderly on the reservation and later to visit the parish school in Gallup.

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