Apr 142008

Didn’t want anyone to think I’ve completely forgotten the blog. We’ll be leaving on another JMT tour in a couple weeks. We’re heading to Alberta, Canada this trip. Our first time across the border on tour. I’m a little concerned about dealing with customs but I think we’ve got it all worked out.
Meantime it’s been a sleepy but somewhat productive winter. I just finished a pretty large bunch of archival material for the BSC library. I’m hoping that some of this historic material will eventually be made available on the web. This year marks BSC‘s 25th anniversary at Little Portion so it’s an appropriate time.
In my own world work continues on my house bit by bit. I made it to the Faith & Media Conference at Franciscan University earlier this month. A worthwhile trip that provided some insight into the way new media can impact the church. Not quite sure how I fit into it all myself though. To see & hear some of this new media check out SQPN.
I’ve also been posting randomly to my other blog.
More to come as we get going on our way to the great white north.

 April 14, 2008  Posted by at 6:15 pm