Aug 312008

Had a Vigil Mass last night at Little Portion and left this morning at 8a.m. for Iowa. When I last left Little Portion, three days after the fire, the ruins were still smoldering and smoke hung everywhere. Now there’s just an empty patch of gravel and mud where the the Chapel and Common Center once stood. The stone carving of Christ as Teacher stands alone.

Hope though, is pervasive and the process of rebuilding has already begun. While I was at Little Portion this trip the community received the first formal presentation from the architects for a new Chapel, cloister and common building.

The community was nice enough to allow me to sit in. The plans are still in their infancy, but look wonderful. I am truly excited for the community, especially now that they can see the possibility of something new rising from the ashes. Of course there is still money to be raised. Much of this and coming concert tours will go toward that effort. Donations are always most welcome I know. Check out JMT’s website or the BSC website if you’re interested.

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Aug 212008

John Michael has just released a new collection, The Troubadour Years. This new release is a two CD set featuring 34 tracks representing the music that John Michael has recorded since forming his own label, Troubadour for the Lord, in 1990. Much of this music can be heard live in John Michael’s touring ministry events.

The Troubadour Years

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Aug 052008

I know I haven’t posted here in a while. Been caught up in other things since the Canadian tour ended. We leave on another JMT tour at the end of August. Please check his website for concert dates throughout the midwest.
Meanwhile, I have been posting some random little tidbits on my personal blog. Check it out at: JTC’s World

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