Mar 302009

John Michael sings a group of Cross oriented songs in the concert. As it happens one of them is this weeks video clip from Quiet Reflections.

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Mar 302009

Here we are in Lufkin, Texas. We have one more concert to do tonight then we all head home in time for Holy Week. John Michael and Viola will be riding the bus back to Little Portion and I’ll be taking a long cab ride to Houston for an early flight home tomorrow. Overall it’s been a good trip. John Michael has been in much better voice the last few nights. I think all the concert attendees have had a good Lenten prayer experience. We’ll be back on the road in the North East in April and I still hope to post a couple more times in the coming days.

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Mar 262009

Just arrived in Halletsville, Texas. Last time we were here was with the band on the Monk Rock tour. Played in the KofC hall and discovered Big A$$ Fans! Tonight we’re in the church at St. Mary’s.
Had a nice concert last night at Trinity Episcopal in Victoria. Thanks to Fr. Kevin, Russell and all the volunteers at Trinity.

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Mar 242009

We did something new last night in Denison. JMT sang the first set more or less as usual but in place of the second set we had Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, JMT singing and teaching on a few Eucharistic & Cross oriented songs, and Benediction. It made for a special, prayerful night.
Thanks to Fr. John Dick Pastor at St. Pat’s and youth minister Dan Aedo (a Buffalo native:-)for all their work and help. Check out the parish’s website to see what an active, orthodox, but not stuffy parish can be like.

2009-03-23 Denison, Texas

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Mar 222009

I’ll be leaving the hotel shortly to load in for the third concert this trip here in Tyler, Texas. The first two shows went pretty good. JMT is suffering through a terrible cold but he’s singing through it all. He’s playing a very different set list this trip. Including two new, unreleased songs that people are really liking. Thanks as always to the sponsors and volunteers in Farmers Branch, Texas and Oklahoma City. Got to see some of John & Viola’s family in Oklahoma City. Also got to meet a few of the Oklahoma ladies of CM. You know who you are, thanks for coming out. More words and pictures as time and bandwidth allow. I feel a nap coming on…..

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Mar 192009

The first JMT tour of AD2009 is officially underway! Departed Little Portion this morning at daybreak and we’re currently on our way to the Dallas area. I’ve got some video and still photography from the monastery to share when I have time and bandwidth. Construction is underway for the new Chapel and Common Center. Hopefully I’ll be able to post an update from JMT about the progress.
For those of you still reading this blog, thanks for stopping by, feel free to say howdy in the comments section or in the guestbook on JMT’s site.

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