Sep 222010

Scrolling down you can see that posts from the old tour blog stopped more than a year ago.  So what’s happened since?  Most obviously I haven’t been touring with John Michael Talbot.  But, JMT fans rest assured.  John Michael is still out there and going strong.  He is now doing full time what we did only occasionally in the past.  In the past we called it “itinerant ministry”.  John Michael is out there singing and teaching.  Leading retreats.  Even spending several days at a time in one parish.  But, he’s doing it with no tour bus, very little if any sound or lighting gear, and no Frugal Audio Guy.  Partly this came about because of financial pressure brought on by the monastery fire and a plunging economy.  But, for JMT I think it also marks a return to the basics.    You can check up on him at his website or on facebook.  The Brothers & Sisters of Charity are going strong too.  The new chapel and common center are finished enough to be occupied and they are busy as ever.  Be sure to check them out at their website and on facebook too.

I’ll be following up with another post or two on Frugal Audio endeavors in the past year or so.

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Sep 212010

Looks like I fixed the glitch. Triggered by a plain old fashioned path error.

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Sep 202010

Apparently wordpress is asking everyone to log on just to view the site. Not supposed to be happening that way. If anyone out there knows what might cause this behavior please let me know.

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Sep 202010

A new look and layout for  Been meaning to change things up for a while.   Since I haven’t been touring with JMT it no longer seemed appropriate to blog about business at the old JMT Tour blog.  I have managed to import all of those posts here for continuity sake.  I may delete some of the less relevant posts as I go.  The few pages here have content from the old site.  Hopefully some revisions will come along the way.

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