Sep 132011

I was just reading an article by a pretty well known production designer. Talked about his choice in consoles, pre visualization tools, integrating video and lighting elements, trying to balance current tours with designing for upcoming events etc. I’m sure the fellow is good at his job. Better in fact, than I could ever be. My ideal concert lighting design pretty much stops at 180K of conventionals and some random goodies. In audio land, I regularly mix on highly sophisticated digital consoles in situations where a simple analog console would do fine. I-mag seemed like a nice idea when guys like Springsteen started playing stadiums. Now, one venue I work uses it in a 2500 seat room.
So the question on my mind today is why? Do we really need or want all this? Did folks come to hear a concert or to see a flashy multimedia show? To see a live performer or to look at his face on a big screen?
Guys like George Burns played soft seaters with thousands of seats with no PA, no I-Mag, and crap for lights.
Burns was a star.

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