While I don’t provide equipment for a living (I’m not a sound company). I do keep a small stash of my own gear to help me service my clients. Much of this equipment is used in my little edit/mix studio…Frugal Control. Here’s a list of some things I’m using these days:
SIASoft Smaart Live 5.4 & 7

Adobe Audition 3.01

Sony Vegas Pro 10 & 11

Echo Layla24 x2

M-Audio Fast Track Pro

Sony Vaio Core2Duo Laptop

Sonorus AD24 & DA24 (currently for sale)

Orban 622 Parametric

Cad E100

Sennheiser E609

Audix TR40

Custom Rackmount DAW Core2Quad 3.2GHz w/removable Seagate drives

Event 20/20 Monitors

Infinity RS2001 Monitors

Crown D75

McCintosh 2100

Sony VO-9850 UMatic SP Deck

Sony SVO-9600 S-VHS Deck

Pansonic SV3800 DAT Deck (currently for sale)

Tascam DA20 DAT Deck

JL Cooper CS10.2 Controller